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    Coordination (illustration production)

    We will produce illustrations upon consultation and request from clients.
    We have the creation history of games, websites, CD jackets, etc.


    We ever strive to accept the clients request with enthusiasm and sincerity.


    Although we are the size of a company with as few as two creative directors, the total number of productions has exceeded 3,000 in the two years since the foundation, with the continuous courtesy of our clients.


    Below are a part of our works.
    To view more works, please visit Works: Coordination


    ベーカリーハイジ様キャラクター『クレセント』『塩バターロール』by もりょ 様

    Production (illustration scheme)

    We draw out scheme and operate it to explore new values of illustrations.


    In November 2018, we released our first press release.


    [New in Japan!] A novel with illustrations by the total of 19 illustrators, "Ashens dispel the monochrome"is released today! An adventure story in a world where ash continues to fall. (in Japanese)


    Another production work is that we incubated a project to characterize Bakery Heidi's bread in Shirai City, Chiba Prefecture, and produced a PR illustration with Bakery Heidi's actual shop background for the Bread-day on April 12, 2019.


    We are creating projects that will attract everyone who joins, such like the writers & creators.

    イラストスチル『パンの日』by 苺製菓 様

    Below are a part of our works.
    To view more works, please visit Works: Coordination

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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Myriashue Ltd. (the “Company”) sets forth this Privacy Policy (this “Policy") with regard to the treatment of users' information, including but not limited to personal information, during the performance of services provided by the Company (the "Services”), as follows; 

1  User's Information to be Collected and Method of Collection 

For purposes of this Policy, “User's Information” means information that identifies users, history of actions on communication services and other information created or accumulated in relation to user or users' devices, which shall be collected by the Company pursuant to this Policy. 
Depending on the method of collection, the User's Information that we may collect for a user to use the Services includes: 

(i) information provided by the user, including: 
• name;
• e-mail address;
• address;
• credit card information; 
• other information entered by the user into such form as specified by the Company; 

(ii) information provided from services outside the Services to the extent that the user permits for use with the Services;
The Company may collect the following information from services outside the Services, including but not limited to social network services, to the extent the user permits for use with the Services at that time: 
• ID used by the user for such outside service; and 
• other information that the user has authorized the other service provider to disclose through its privacy settings in such outside service; 

(iii) information collected by the Company for the use by the user of the Services 
The Company may collect information upon access to or use of the Services, including: 
• terminal information; 
• log information; 
• cookies and anonymous ID; and 

2  Purpose of Use 

2.1  The User's Information may be used not only for provision of the Services as provided in Section 2-2, but for other purposes as provided in Section 2-3 

2.2  Specific purposes of the User's Information for the provision of the Services shall include the following: 

(i) provision, maintenance, protection, and improvement of the Services, including but not limited to acceptance of registration for the Services, identification of individuals and computation of use fees; 

(ii) guidance or response to inquiries relating to the Services;

(iii)other purposes incidental to the foregoing. 

2.3  Purposes other than those specified in Section 2.2 above shall be as indicated below: 

Purpose of Use
(1) creating statistical data relating to the Services, in a form that cannot identify an individual;
(2) other marketing.	

Corresponding User's Information
• device information 
• log information 
• Cookies and anonymous ID 
• name 
• e-mail address 
• other information input by users in the form specified by the Company

3  Method of Notice, Publication and Permission; Method of Discontinuance of the Use 

3.1  The user's permission must be obtained before collecting the following User's Information:  

(i) terminal information; and 

(ii) location information. 

3.2  If the user specifies a certain setting, the user is entitled to require the Company to, and the Company shall immediately, discontinue the use of any or all of the User's Information, in accordance with such rules as may be from time to time prescribed by the Company. Depending on the item of the User's Information, if such collection or use is required for the Services, the Company may not be able to discontinue such collection unless the user withdraws from the Services pursuant to the procedures as determined by the Company. 

4  Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties 

Unless required by the Personal Information Protection Act or other applicable laws and regulations, the Company shall not provide to any third party personal information contained in the User's Information without the prior consent of the user, unless: 

(i) The Company authorizes such third party to handle the personal information in whole or in part to the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose of the use: 

(ii) The personal information is provided through a business transfer by way of merger or other similar transactions:

(iii)The Company is required to cooperate with state or local governmental organizations or their agents to perform their duties or obligations pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, and such performance is likely to be precluded if the consent of the user must be obtained; and 

(iv) In addition to the foregoing, the Company is entitled to disclose information pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act or other applicable laws and regulations. 

5  Disclosure of Personal Information 

Upon request from the user to disclose its personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act, the Company shall, without delay, disclose to the user such information after confirming its identity (or notify it of the non-existence of such personal information), to the extent required to do so pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws and regulations. Please note that you must pay a commission (1,000 yen per application) for disclosure of personal information. 

6  Correction and Suspension of Use of Personal Information 

6.1  If the Company is required by the user to (1) correct the content of personal information under the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act because such information is false, or (2) suspend use of personal information because such information is being handled beyond the scope of the purpose of the use previously made public, or has been collected in a fraudulent or otherwise illicit manner, then the Company Shall, without delay, conduct an appropriate investigation after confirming the requesting party's identity, and based upon the results, correct the content or suspend the use of such personal information, and notify the party to that effect. The user shall also be notified of any determination, if applicable, not to correct or suspend the use of such information, together with the justification for such determination. 

6.2  In the event that the Company is required by the user to delete its personal information and has determined that it is necessary to accent such request, the Company shall delete such personal information confirming the requesting party's identity and shall notify the party to that effect. 

6.3  Should the Company not be obligated to correct, or suspend use of, information pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws and regulations, the preceding paragraphs shall not apply. 

7  Inquiries 

Any suggestions, questions, complaints, or other inquiries on the handling of the User's Information must be submitted to: 

Myriashue Ltd.
3-6-60, Hachimancho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Akito Takeya

8  Procedure to Amend this Privacy Policy 

The Company shall from time to time review how the User's Information is being handled, and use its best efforts to continuously improve the operation, and make such modifications to this Privacy Policy as may be necessary. And modification to this Privacy Policy shall be notified to you by posting on our website; provided that for any modification requiring consent from the user pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, such consent from the user must be obtained subject to the procedures as separately established by the Company. 

This Policy shall be executed in the Japanese language. Japanese shall be the governing language and any translation of this Policy into any other language is for convenience of reference only and shall not bind the parties hereto.