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The process that led to the decision to "branding Japanese game creators and promote them worldwide".

Thank you for your interest in this article.
My name is Akito Takeya of Myriashue Ltd..

Our business is illustration production. Since the foundation in 2017, we stay as a small team consisted with 3 people.

We are excited to announce that we are going to produce the T-shirts of the Game Creators for sale available to all over the world.

The reasons why we considered this and proceeded can be found below, together with the intentions and ideas that could not be fit in one Press Release.

Table of Contents
1. Why planned: Boosted by the game industry
2. Why decided: Because this is Myriashue Exclusive
3. Why we formed with the members: "Rage"
4. Closing Remarks

1.Why planned: Boosted by the game industry

Star players in sport, directors and performers in the movies.
I think that the young generation grow up by learning about such icons and play their own role when the time comes.

It has been more than 30 years since the Nintendo Family Computer in Japan (known as NES: Nintendo Entertainment System) was launched on July 15, 1983. Recently I finally feel that the time has come to illuminate cultural things such as the history of the game industry and the people that made the games.
Universal Studios Japan is on preparation for the world's first SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. People all over the world will come across the sea, to wear Mario hats, to pick up coins, to jump and to beat the blocks. As of today when I am writing this, I'm really sorry that they are not yet available.
Esports, which competes in game machines, has also been growing in recent years. Being good at games has transcended into a new entertainment that goes beyond mere hobby. By the way, I, Takeya, like RTA (speedrun), a genre that aims to clear the games fast. I think it is similar to the feeling of enjoying marathon or a road races.
Games were though used to be something like an enemy.

I am 35 years old this year, which is the same age as the best-selling NES game "Super Mario Bros." in Japan. I have enjoyed the games deep in deep so far, but there were always some negative in "playing games".

Games are something for kids. Playing games makes you a fool.
Now I'm saying that "games are really good" in the public, but I surely had some resistance to proclaiming "I like games" in my teens and twenties. You may translate this feeling into an embarrassment.
He is off to the side of the society. His interest directs the other way than the every others. I was worried about the vague words such as "the society" and "everyone" and worried that I was a minority.
What is the public eyes on games right now?

Although I still feel some headwind, there are considerably less number of muzzles and sword towards games. Rather, like the USJ and esports I mentioned earlier, even the tailwinds on my skin can be found.

So what I thought was, can we raise the stronger wind?
The origin of the word of "game" is "ga (gathering) mann(man)". It turned into "joy & fun" then became "game".

It's fun because people gather. It's also interesting to talk to people who have played the same game. I think that each is a really good place and the essence of entertainment.

That's why I want to focus on the people who make games. And I want to make the world in which people living in the game industry, game-lovers, and the next generation game creators can live with aspiration and passion as a result.

With that in mind, Myriashue has come up with this project.

2. Why decided: Because this is Myriashue Exclusive

The reason I decided to implement the project was simple.
"Other companies won't do this."
"This is interesting"
These two are the only reasons.
It was a kind of conversion of "Off you go" spirit of Suntory Co., ltd ( But this let me think that these two reasons were the elements that make Myriashue the real Myriashue.
First of all, there are various reasons for the fact that “other companies won't do this”, but I think the biggest factor is the team size.
What Myriashue is trying to do is selling the T-shirts. It is the most universal clothing worn by humans, but it is unlikely to sell millions of items like a blockbuster game, and not even to be the reason why venture companies get enthusiastic that there will be the potential demand and it will grow greatly in the future. And, there is no ways for major companies to invest in such market.
I think it was realized because we, Myriashue is as small team as three.
Next, with regard to "interesting", this is entirely subjectivity of Myriashue. In terms of the categories of favorite games, Fighting games for Vice President Sugiyama, Battles and Shooting for Director Terai, and RPG and Horror for myself, this is in fact the matter of individual feeling no matter how many potential reasons are suggested. It's a wonderful spiral that you will love it because it's interesting, and it is interesting because you love it.
This project was born as soft as a freshly made omelet, such as "a T-shirt to show the world what is a typical Japanese style towards the 2020 Olympics."
And the reason why I started thinking about this plan was that it was a while since the company was founded, and I had a feeling of duty that I had to make another axis other than the commissioned illustration production of our main business.
"We wonder if this really sells."
It is natural that our interest was high or low in numbers, so I played the abacus, stared at the tables and puzzled with the numbers. It is a common sense for a business person to predict the amount of revenue before considering the expense.
It was in the middle of the situation that Vice President Sugiyama yelled during the meeting.
"I think it would be more interesting to have Mr. Matsuyama himself in a T-shirt."
I could clearly see a familiar light bulb floating above his head as in the game "Saga" series. Just in case, Mr. Matsuyama is the CEO of CyberConnect2.
"That is more interesting, absolutely."
From that point on, our hesitation completely disappeared like Liu Bei who acquired Zhuge Liang. We decided to brand game creators. We would ask the first one to be Mr. Matsuyama with this scheme, but what about the next one? How do we sell overseas in the first place? Challenges have piled up like the game "Puyo Puyo Tetris", but once you have problems to solve, all you have to do is beat them in anyways.
After that, we requested the illustrator jbstyle, who handles illustrations to create ones for this project. The meeting was held at an Indian curry buffet shop in Shinjuku. Fresh baked naan is all-you-can-eat. This is me who select the kind of meal to mess our hands even though we use our laptops after eating.

And jbstyle accepted with no hesitation.

"This is interesting, let's do it."

I knew this project is something different, and that this might be rejected, so I stroked my chest deeply, with my oily naan hand.
Then, I went to CyberConnect2 for business talk.
"Good, let's do this!"
A permission from Mr. Matsuyama was given as quickly as a Ninja. Although I went out and ate out with him for many times, this was the first time we work together, I stroked my chest so deep as it reached my stomach.
Someone who draw and someone who to be drawn. The framework was complete.
It's only recently that I played the abacus properly and carved the form of a break-even table. I can reflect the behavior that was away from the business person, but I have no regrets. We suggest with our belief on what we Myriashue think interesting. We made all our action with "interesting" first, which consisted of the subjectivity of Myriashue.
Later, when I presented the proposal to Mr. Kazutaka Kodaka of Too Kyo Games, he told me,
"This is far beyond my imagination. It's interesting."
It was my third deep stroke on the chest.
I recall now, there was always a kind of tension, "what should I do if they refuse?". This is because Myriashue was founded for commissioned illustration production as its main business, and it was the first time to get on for such a project.
But whether it's the first time or anxiety, it's no reason not to move forward. Rather, the feeling that "I'll do it because it's interesting" filled all over myself and the entire Myriashue.
Once again, we are a company with only three people, being founded only three years before. Well-known pioneers describe the proposal of this small newborn company as "interesting."
How exciting!

At first, I put up two points as "rationality that other companies don't do" and "interesting" as the rationale for planning and execution, but after all, the latter, "Isn't this all interesting?"Although I put up only two points as "the others won't do" and "interesting" as the rationale for planning and execution at the beginning. And I would say it makes Myriashue as Myriashue that acts driven by "interesting", if I makes it a little more hype, I think it is the intention of Myriashue only.

3. Why we formed with the members: "Rage"

Naturally, the two points of this project are "who will draw it" and "who will be drawn in it".
I met three of them, jbstyle the creator, Mr. Matsuyama from CyberConnect2 as the first model, and Mr. Kodaka from Too Kyo Games as the second model. All three people gave me the magnificence of the five senses as we talked and that made me strongly felt to request them for the cooperation on this proposal.
So what was there that Takeya felt?
I was vaguely watching how "something" common to all three people permeated my five organs without verbalizing, but as I wrote this, the outline of "something" came up in my eyes with increased resolution.

There is a poem quoted in the masterpiece movie "Interstellar".

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

This is the poet written by Dylan Thomas from the Wales, telling his dying old father to be "angry" and should not give up living.In Interstellar, this poem is cast on those who challenge the universe.

I like the expression "Rage" in this poem. Do not live dull and try to stand up to challenge. The emotion necessary for that is "Rage".

That "Rage" is the common for the game creator Mr. Matsuyama and Mr. Kodaka, and the illustrator jbstyle, I deeply feel. The "Rage" can be towards the unreasonable part of the world, malicious intent or wrongdoing, ourselves, or a rebellious heart that cannot be easily washed away.

Luffy from "ONE PIECE", Eren Yeager from "Attack on Titan", and Tanjiro Kamado from "Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)" are all outrageous against opponents who hurt their friends, the cruel world, and the enemies they should defeat.Goku of "Dragon Ball" becomes a super Saiyan from anger. Because it is a fundamental driving force, it is straight, strong, and unbreakable like a diamond.

People involved in creative industry have some "Rage". It's not towards the swamps that spread at the foot of the society, such as "train delays" and "human relations with boss & colleagues," but towards the large fictional structures that make up the society in the first place. "Rage" that makes strangers sneer at them as "hyperconsciousness" or "day dreaming".

Although this is not confirmed directly by them, but only from my personal point of view, I, Takeya is fascinated by the "Rage" that they emit.

And because they are such people, there must be a product of swelling multiplications, not a simple addition sum. I was so convinced. And I'll show you a good knowledge that does nothing, but the multiplication result is a "product" in English.

Please let me announce that the “product” of multiplication of three, Mr. Matsuyama from CyberConnect2, Mr. Kodaka from Too Kyo Games, and jbstyle, which I should call the most interesting "product" is to be published to the world. Today is the fruition anniversary.

4.Closing Remarks

The creators who boldly pursue "interesting" call our product "interesting". There is no better reason for us to do it.
What we can do is only to get the results. Even if it's interesting, if it doesn't sell, we can't continue on. The "interesting" that Myriashue feels and decides to distribute to the world will surely get responses.
To continue on, to stay in the style of Myriashue, and to express our appreciation on the great cooperators Mr. Matsuyama, Mr. Kodaka and jbstyle, we sell them.
Everyone, please come to purchase. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for reading the long message.

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